Sunday, August 14, 2016


Are you seeing the bad things in everything? Are you complaining a lot?
Try to find at least one good thing about everyday.
No matter how bad your day was there is always at least 1 good thing that happened.
Try to find it and thank God for it.
It does not have to be a big thing, it might just be a nice sunrise in the morning or a smile from a person.
Be thankful for all the small things of goodness you receive durring your day and it will lift up your mood.
Try and look forward to something that makes you happy in the future and focus your life on the light rather than the darkness.
All storms pass by one day and then the light will shine even brighter.
Stay strong and never lose your hope or smile!
Next time you feel like complaining about how bad your life is try to thank God for something good instead.
This action will lift your mood up and you will feel better and stronger.
By thanksgiving you allow God to release a great power and light of hope and positivity in your life.
Let God strenghten you by your thanksgiving.

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