Monday, April 6, 2015


Faith is the key to Jesus and Jesus is the door that leads to eternal life.

If you let Jesus into your stubborn, unbelieving heart you will see how all the doubts fly away, faith grows like a flower in the desert and you will see God is more true and real than anything in your life ever was.

Faith is the key to unlock your soul from the chains of unbelief and captivity.
For to your sight it may be hidden but your spirit knows all well.

Be faithful and patient in all you do and your reward will be great.

Do not drown in unbelief for your God walks on water.

The truth will be revealed to those who seek it and everything in darkness will be exposed by the everlasting light of your spirit hidden in Christ.
All who seek me will find me.

Those who seek after truth like a treasure will be blessed.

Do not be afraid nor grow discouraged for my love will prevail.

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