Friday, February 20, 2015


This post goes out to all women!
Dont bent yourself around for a bad man. Don't do anything you do not feel comfortable with and do not let yourself be put under pressure.

Unfortunately the beauty standard that most men have come from celebrities and models. Most men adore and fall for ungodly and seductive women and desire their woman to be the same.

Beware of Jezebel spirit.

Beware to not become like them but be humble and graceful! 

Don't sell your body and show it to the world like a harlot and do not dress in a disgraceful sexual manner.

You are truly beautiful because God created your face and body and not a human doctor. If anyone knows how a true beautiful woman has to look like its the one who created us and not the media.

God creates true beauty.

No matter what a man says to you that you're not sexy, attractive, skinny, trained or Wonderwoman enough its not what is true or what matters. 

Speak to God about it because unlike most humans he sees hearts like faces and loves you for all you are.

If your man is not satisfied with your body or looks because you do not dress or look like the models and popstars the man is not right for you anyways.
Trust in Jesus and follow his calling. He will send you a godly man one day who loves you just like God created you and does not desire for you to look like a harlot of superstar.

What matters most is the beauty of your heart nothing is more beautiful than a pure heart that shines in Gods glory! 
Become the woman God called you to be not a man!

I pray for all women to see their beauty trough Gods eyes and to draw closer to Jesus who truly loves you exactly how you are at all days.
I pray that you stay a woman of grace, In Jesus name Amen!

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